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Dr. Randall J. Webb, 1965, 1966 

President, Northwestern State University 
Dear Alumni; 

^^^^H^^^l As many of you are aware, Northwestern, along with 

H^^^H^H other state universities in Louisiana, is going through dif- 
ficult times. State budget cuts have reduced our budget by 
$9.7 million dollars over the last 18 months. Because of the cuts and additional 
projected cuts, we were forced to terminate eight bachelor's degree programs, one 
master's degree offering, 12 academic minors and five concentrations in baccalau- 
reate degree programs. We regret the loss of degree programs and the departure of 
many valued friends and colleagues from Northwestern. 

Despite those cuts, which are detailed further in this issue of the Alumni Col- 
umns, Northwestern is committed to moving forward and providing the best possible 
academic and learning environment for our students. 

This fall, the University is creating an Academic Advising Center to aid students 
in making wise decisions about major fields of study and potential careers. 

We are moving toward the implementation of a university-wide honors program 
for each curriculum, in each department, to attract for Fall 2011 and ensuing years 
increasing numbers of students with strong academic preparation. 

The University will expand living/learning communities for students in the resi- 
dence Halls. With University Columns and University Place Phases I and II, we 
have some of the most modern on-campus housing in the region. 

Northwestern is also looking to create a Center for Teaching Excellence. This 
would build upon the good work already being done through the Office of Elec- 
tronic and Continuing Education, which will continue moving Northwestern toward 
becoming a learning-centered university where faculty primarily facilitate student 
learning and mentor students. 

The University also received good news regarding our long-awaited Student 
Services Center, which will be on the site of the former West Caspar! Hall. The bid 
for the first phase of the project came in within the budgeted amount, allowing us 
to proceed with the renovation of East Caspar! Hall. Bids for that phase should be 
awarded this fall. This facility will combine a number of offices, which provide stu- 
dent services in one building. 

Thank you for all you do to support Northwestern, I hope to see you for Home- 
coming activities. 

William Drake Owens, 2004, 2005 

Director of Alumni and Development 

My fellow alumni: 

In a year fraught with challenges, I have found that 
adversity often brings out our strengths. As many of you 
know, budget cuts have affected everyone at Northwest- 
ern, requiring us to respond with determination, commit- 
ment and fortitude. Now is the time for us to be our most resourceful in finding 
opportunities amid the uncertainties. 

Despite the hardships that Northwestern has faced in the last year, I am up- 
lifted by the enthusiasm on the faces of incoming freshmen and new students on 
campus who are excited about being part of NSU. Meeting with these students and 
their families and getting them involved in university life restores my optimism and 
reminds me that character often comes from having overcome difficulties. 

I am also reminded that some of our greatest assets cannot be bought with 
dollars. Pride in our alma mater. Words we use when we talk about Northwestern 
and what a special place it is. The camaraderie we feel when we meet former class- 
mates at a reunion and laugh at shared memories. 

Maintaining the vitality of our school will require vision, hard work and dedica- 
tion. These are qualities inherent to the spirit of Northwestern as evidenced by our 
staff, our faculty, our students and our alumni. 

Important things can be accomplished by those who persevere. We will over- 
come the shortfalls armed with hope, courage and resilience and we will continue 
to march forward. Please do all that you can to help. Your commitment and service 
to Northwestern are so greatly valued. Thank you for your time, your gifts and your 
continued support of this great university. 

Alumni Columns 

Ofliclal Publication of 

Northwestern Slate University 

Natchitoches. Louisiana 

Organized in 1 884 

A member of CASE 

Volume XX Number 3 Fall 2010 

The Alumni Columns (USPS 015480) is published 

by Northueslem State University, 

Natchitoches. Louisiana, 71497-0002 

Periodicals Postage Paid at Natchitoches. La.. 

and at additional mailing ofhces. 

POSTMASTLR; Send address changes to the 

.'Mumni Columns. Northwestern State University. 

Natchitoches. La. 71497-0002. 

Alumni Office Phone: 3 1 8-357-44 14 and 888-799-6486 

FAX: 318-357-4225 • E-mail: oucnsdl^ 


President Joseph B Stamey. Natchitoches. 1983 

Vice President Tommy Chester. Natchitoches. 1969 

Secretary -Treasurer Dr. Lisa Mathews. Benton. 1992 

I Accutivc Director W. Drake Owens, 

Natchitoches, 2004, 2005 


Matt Bailey Shrov epon. 2003 

Jerry Brungan Natchitoches. 1969. 1971 

Monty Chicola Alexandria. 1979. 1980 

Leonard Endris Shrevcpon. 1974. 1975 

Ken Guidry Natchitoches. 1972 

Bobby Hebert New Orleans. 1983 

Trey Hill Carencro. 1985 

Adrian HowTird Bedford. TX. 1989 

Patricia Hrapmann New Orleans. 1973. 1978 

Gail Jones Natchez. 1981. 1998 

MaltKoury Lecsville. 1995 

.Angela Lasyone Natchitoches. 1986 

Bryant Lewis Haynesv ille. 1958 

( arroll Long Longview. TX. 1970 

David Morgan Austin. T.\. 1973 

Kip Patrick Washington. DC. 1995 

ChtT PoiniKieuf. Shreveport. 1984 

Dcnise Que/aire Baton Rouge. 2005 

(ilennTalbert Shreveport. 1964 

t asc> Jo Thompson Shreveptirt. 2001 

t arlos Treadway Nonhville. Ml. 1992 

Marti Vienne Natchitoches. 1982 

Ricky Walmsley Rogers. AR. 1985 

MikcWilbum Shrevepon. 1975 

Dr. Leonard Williams New Orleans. 1993 

t harlcs "Buddy" Wood Manv, 1981 


Mark Daniels New Orleans 

SGA President 

Publishir \\ Drake I )«ciis. :(hM. 2005 

Editor Leah Pitcher Jackson, 1994 

Contributors David West 

Doug Ireland. 1986 

Photography Gary llardamon 

Disign/layout Beth McPhcrson Mann. 1975 

NSU Press Publications Office 

Northwestorn State I'nivcrsity is nccri'ditod by the 
Commission on ColleRes of the Southern Association 
of ColleRes and Schoois (1866 Southern Uine. Decatur, 
('..•orpa :tOO.'):i-4097: Telephone numlwr 404-679-4.501 1 to 
award .\ss(X"i«te, Buccalnureate. Master's, Specialist and 
I)(H"torate dejfrtH's. 

ll IS the policv- of Northwe.steni Stale University of Louisiana 
nol to discnminale on the basis of race, color. reliRion, 
--ex. national onpin, ajie. or disability in its educational 
programs, iictivities or employment practices. 

On IK* Covar Oarryl Wta m V»»ca La m Jun* 2010 loMl* (txM lh« conuniction d 2 S mUn 01 a HESCO iMfnof wall built lo Cameton by the >>.'HIX 
Eng»i««t Company (SAPPER) 01 m« TBIWi Enjmaar BaBalwo. on* o< two. ont-km manm ol uitMl maMnal fKovaiMJuna ii n*at PwiMo Pua Fia on 
Itw dKk d Iha Mttioat SaHAtfi. and a wppty vmaa) (taHvanng btocMan Hx Navy tkimman al PcidKto Kay Plwtoa courlaay d WW* and BP. Ray Hamande^ 
Ja« Qiating and Sgl Michaal L Owana. Lomalana National Ouaid 

This public document was published al a total cost of 
$17.0,'i5. 42.500 copies of this public document win- 
published in this first phntinK at a cost of $17.0.5.S The 
total aisl of all prmlincs of this diKunienl. includinc 
reprints is JlT.O.'i.'i This document was published 
by Northwestern State University Office of Alumni 
& Development and printed by Moran PnntinR. Inc . 
.'>42,') Florida Boulevard. Baton Rouge. 1-A VOHOti lo 
foster and pnmiole the mutually Ix-neficial n-lationship 
Ivlwti'n Northwestern .Slate Universilv and ils alumni. 
sup))orter> and community partners. This material was 
pnnled in accordance w ith sUindards for pnntinK by stale 
ap-ncies estahlishc-d pursuant to R .S 4,'1..')1. Pnnlin)! 
of Ihis material was purchasi-d in ai-cordann- with the 
pniMsions ofTilli- Ct of ih.- louisiann Statiifs 

Alumni News 

A Capital Campaign fund raising event took place at the University Club in Shreveport in July. Hosts for the event were 
John (1978) and Lynne Manno, Michael and Casey (2001 ) Thompson, Kevin and Georgia McCotter. Bobbie (1974) and Sherry 
Shields, Gene "Smokey" (1962, 1963, 1969) and Maxine (1962) Johnson, Mack ( 1961 ) and Jonell Knotts, Jerry and Dr. Norann 
Planchock, Ted (1960) and Alice (1961) Roberts, Charles (1970, 1971) and Linda (1975) Knicely, Mike (1975) and Devora 
Wilburn. Rudy ( 1 978) & Velma Hines. Not pictured are Lane and Adelise Pittard. 

NSU band readies for Centennial celebration 

The Spirit of Northwestern Demon Marchin 
Band will mark its 100'^ anniversary in 20 
with a roster of activities planned throughout 
the year, beginning with an appearance in 
the 25"* annual London New Year s Day 
parade, an event viewed by millions 
across Europe, just as the Rose Bowl 
and Macy's Thanksgiving Day parades 
are in the U.S. 

"Not many universities, especially 
in Louisiana, can boast of having a band 
program that is 1 00 years old," said Director 
of Bands Dr. Bill Brent, who is also director 
the Dear School for Creative and Performing Arts. 
"What a tremendous opportunity for present and former 
band members, directors and the entire Northwestern 
community to celebrate such an event. I consider it an 
extreme honor to have been able to serve as the director 
of this fine organization for the past 27 years and, as I start 
year 28, 1 look forward to many more." 

A special centennial concert is planned for April 17, 
201 1, according to Associate Director of Bands Dr. Jeff 
Mathews (1990). 

"We have commissioned a new piece of music for the 
performance to celebrate 100 years of the Demon band," 
Mathews said. The concert event will feature current student 
musicians, alumni members and former band directors, 
including assistant directors. 

"The 1 OO"" anniversary is actually April 12,2011, based 
on an article that ran in the Potpourri announcing the band s 
first rehearsal," Mathews said. Prior to that time, there were 
music ensembles on campus, but the 1911 announcement is 
the first record of a designated student group with uniforms 
who called themselves a band, under the direction of Henry 
W. Stopher. 

Ideas for the April 201 1 event are still in 

development, but Mathews said it will 

include a Friday evening social, a Saturday 

evening banquet and the concert on 

Sunday afternoon. Alumni who wish to 

participate in the concert will be able 

to rehearse with the band on Saturday 


According to the 1912 Potpourri, 
"sixteen boys attended the first rehearsal." 
The band has averaged between 275 and 
)0 members since 1990. 
We found programs from concerts 
presented in 1911 and 1912 and are attempting to 
play some of the same music during the 1 00"' anniversary 
concert that the band performed at their very first concert," 
Mathews said. "We may also offer a lecture on the history 
of the band." 

Mathews encourages all former band members to attend 
the centennial event, including former Demonaires and 
members of auxiliary units, the Cane River Belles, Demon 
Dazzlers, flag line and majorettes. 

Mathews hopes to develop an exhibit of memorabilia to 
be put on display in the Hanchey Gallery to commemorate 
the centennial and said planners are developing ideas for 
the band alumni group "s annual fall reunion. 

For more information, contact Mathews at (3 1 8) 357- or 
e-mail mathewsj(S^ 

Alumni are also invited to join the Spirit of Northwestern 
Alumni Band group on Facebook, which features an 
abundance of photos, announcements and information. 

"More than 500 former members have now joined the 
Facebook page that we are using to help notify everyone 
about the events that are being planned," Brent said. "We 
have had a tremendous amount of enthusiasm expressed by 
our alumni and former band members." 


Alumni Columns Fall 2010 / 1 

Alumni News 


October 28-30 

Alumni Art Show 

Orville Hanchey Gallery 

The Orville Hanchey Gallery will host 
the Fifth Annual Alumni Art Exhibition. 
The Guest Alumni Artist will be Larrie 
L. King, class of 2007 2009 Assistant 
Professor of Design, Northwestern 
State University. This exhibition 
features mixed media works on board 
and canvas. Admission is free to the 
public. For more information, please 
contact Leslie Gruesbeck at (318) 352- 
5476 or gruesbeckl @ . 

Thursday, October 28 

student Activities Board Concert 

7:00 p.m. -AA Fredericks Auditorium 

For more information, please contact 
Kirk Lee at (318) 357-6511 or leeki@ . Open to Alumni. 

Friday, October 29 

Homecoming Golf Tournament 

1:00 p.m. - NSU Recreation Complex 

Come participate in the annual golf 
scramble on the 18-hole golf course for 
$50 per player (includes golf cart and 
lunch by Coach Gene Knecht). Lunch 
will be served at 12:00 p.m. and tee 
time is at 1:00 p.m. Reservations can 
be made by contacting Lyndsey Miller 
at (318) 357-4415 or email at millerl® . 

Black Alumni Alliance Mixer 

5:00 -7:00 p.m. - Natchitoches 
Events Center Lobby 

The NSU BAA will host a mixer 
for returning NSU Alumni. Get 
reacquainted with your old friends, 
share some laughs and enjoy the 
drinks onsite. For more information 
contact Nicole Gray at (972) 897-5357 
or visit www.nsu . 

Long Purple Line Reception 

6:30p.m. -8:30p.m. -Arnold 
Kilpatrick President's Residence 

Current and former Long Purple Line 
recipients are invited to a reception 
hosted by Dr. & Mrs. Webb. Current 
Long Purple Line inductees will be 

recognized during the reception. For 
more information contact Leah Ann 
Lawson at (318) 357-4412 or email at . Cocktail Dress. 
By Invitation Only. 

Student Activities Board Lip Sync 

7:00 p.m. - A A Fredericks Auditorium 

The Homecoming Lip Sync is an annual 
event where student organizations 
perform a lip sync act to the current 
year's theme. This year's theme is 
"Live from NSU, It's Saturday Night." 
Open to Alumni, tickets $5.00. For 
more information, please contact Kirk 
Lee at (318) 357-6511 or leeki@nsula. 
edu . 

Phi Mu Paint the Night Pink 

7:00 p.m. -10:00 p.m. 
The Docks at the Mariner 

Phi Mu alumni are invited to meet 
up with their sisters for a night out. 
Cash bar and meals on your own 
off the menu. For more information 
contact Stacey Fenwick Thompson at 
Stace y or 
Leah Sherman Middlebrook at leah. . 

Black Alumni Alliance 
Homecoming Step Show/After 

7:00 p.m. - Natchitoches Events 

The NSU BAA kicks off its 2"^ 
Biennial Reunion with the 1^' Annual 
Homecoming Step Show/After Party. 
Doors open at 6. For more information, 
contact William Cartwhght at (318) 401- 
0473 or Nicole Gray at (972) 897-5357 
Check out for 
reunion details. 

Saturday, October 30 

Homecoming 5k Fun RunA/Valk 

8:00 a.m. - Wellness. Recreation & 
Activities Center (WRAC) 

All alumni & supporters of NSU are 
invited to a special 5k Run/Walk 
through the NSU Campus. A $15 
entry fee includes a t-shirt for pre- 
reglstered racers and prizes for overall 
and age-group winners and best 

costume. Register online at www. or contact 
Carmel Bourg at (318) 357-4360 or 
email at . 

N-Club Hall of Fame 
Induction Ceremony 

9:00 a.m. - Magale Recital Hall 

For more Information, please call Gil 
Gilson at (318) 677-3141 or email at . 

College of Education and Human 
Development Reunion 

9:30 a.m. - Teacher Education 
Center Commons Area and 
Audi ton um for Induction Ceremony 

All graduates of the College of 
Education and Human Development 
are invited to a reunion that will honor 
the inductees of the College's Hall of 
Distinguished Educators. For more 
information, contact Janet Broadway 
at (318) 357-6278. 

College of Business Reception 

10:00 a.m. - Russell Hall 
Natchitoches Room 

All College of Business alumni are 
Invited to renew old friendships before 
the game. For more information, call 
the College of Business at (318) 357- 

ROTC Open House 

10:00 a.m. - James A. Noe Military 
Science Building 

All ROTC alumni are invited to stop 
by the hospitality room at the James 
A. Noe Military Science building 
between 10:00 a.m. and noon. A 
program honoring BG(Ret) James 
Bonsall will begin at 11:00 a.m. For 
more information, please contact Elisa 
Parker at (318) 357-5157 or email at . 

Wesley Campus Ministry 
Open House 

10:00 a.m. - Wesley Campus 
Ministry Building 

NSU Alumni and friends are welcome 
to visit the Wesley Campus Ministry 
Building in celebration of the 50'" 
Anniversary of the facility. For more 
information, please contact Rev. John 

2 / Alumni Columns FjII 2010 

Visit oui- website at 

Alumni News 

"Live from NSU, It's Saturday Night! 


Higginbotham at (318) 352-2888 or . 

Media Reunion 

10:00 a.m. - Student Union 
Room 320 

NSU Alumni that were members of the 
Current Sauce, KNWD, NSU TV and 
the Potpourri are invited to a IVIedia 
Reunion. For more information please 
contact Lyndsey Miller at (318) 357- 
4415 or . 

Cheerleading Reunion 

10:00 a.m. - Student Union 
Room 321 

All former Northwestern State 
University Cheerleaders are invited 
to attend a Cheerleading Reunion. 
For more information please contact 
Lyndsey Miller at (318) 357-4415 or . 

Black Alumni Alliance Meeting 

10:30 a.m. - Student Union 
Cane River Room 

All NSU alumni interested in being 
members of the organization are 
invited to join us for our business 
meeting to discuss the tentative 
2010-2011 schedule of activities and 
officer elections/committee updates. 
For more information, visit www. or contact Nicole Gray 
at (972) 897-5357 

Homecoming Luncheon/Long 
Purple Line Induction 

11:30 a.m. -2:00 p.m. 
Student Union Ballroom 

All alumni and supporters are invited 
to join us for a special Homecoming 
Luncheon honoring the 2010 Long 
Purple Line inductees. A social 
hour will be held in the Student 
Union Lobby from 11 :30 -12:00, 
followed by a lunch and University 
address. Tickets are $20 and 
can be purchased online at www. 
luncheon or by contacting Connie 
White at (318) 357-4270 or email at . Business Casual 
Dress. RSVP by October 22"-^. 

Black Alumni Alliance Reunion 

12:00p.m. - 6:00 p.m. - Practice Field 
next to Field House 

Join the NSU BAA for our reunion picnic 
and tailgating festivities, featuring a 
delicious barbecue meal with BBQ 
chicken, potato salad, baked beans, 
rolls and soft drinks. Meal with drinks 
will be available for $5 each. For more 
information, visit 
or contact Nicole Gray at (972) 897- 

Homecoming Parade 

2:30 p.m. 

The annual homecoming parade will 
begin on the NSU campus, travel 
through downtown Natchitoches 
and end on the NSU Practice Field 
at the tailgating area. Come join us 
downtown for this special event! 

Pep Rally 

3:00 p.m. /Immediately Following 
Parade - Tailgating Field 

Join NSU President Randy Webb, 
Coach Bradley Dale Peveto and all 
of our Homecoming Honorees for 
a special pep rally and recognition 
ceremony packed with entertainment 
from our NSU spirit groups. 

Alumni Pavilion Ribbon Cutting 

3:30 p.m. - Alumni Pavilion 

NSU Alumni and friends are invited to 
kick off the Homecoming tailgate with 
the Alumni Association as they unveil 
a newly constructed 3,700 square foot 
covered pavilion. 

Alumni Tailgating 

3:30 p.m. -5:30p.m. 
Alumni Pavilion 

The NSU Alumni Association and 
Student Alumni Association (SAA) will 
be serving a special Cajun dinner for 
$5 per plate. All NSU Alumni and SAA 
members are invited to come by the 
tent and grab something to eat before 
the game. It will be a great time to 
visit with friends you haven't seen in 
a while and build relationships among 
fellow alumni. 

Tailgating Activities 

3:30 p.m. -5:30p.m. 
Tailgating Field 

Various groups, 
including Greek 
N-Club, ROTC, 
College of Education 
and many more! 

Pregame Activities 

5:30 p.m. - Turpin Stadium 

Enjoy the pre-game show by the Spirit 
of Northwestern Marching Band and 
other game day activities. 

Homecoming Game vs. 
Sam Houston State 

6:00 p.m. - Turpin Stadium 

To purchase tickets for the game, 
please contact Adam Jonson at (318) 
357-4268 or email at jonsona@nsula. 
edu . 

Halftime Ceremonies 

7:30 p.m. (approx.) - Turpin Stadium 

Black Alumni Alliance 
Homecoming Party 

10:00 p.m. - Natchitoches Events 

All alumni are invited to dress up in 
your grooviest 70s attire for this Old 
School Masquerade Party, featuring 
entertainment from O106.5's DJ 
Incredible, a delicious buffet and cash 
bar, and a Special Guest. Cash prizes 
will be awarded to the Best Male 
and Female costumes. For more 
information, visit www.nsureunion. 
com or contact Nicole Gray at (972) 


Alumni Columns Fall 2010 / 3 

Alumni News 

Oil and Water 

Alumni respond to Gulf catastrophe 

In the aftermath of the deadly April 20 explosion on the BP operated 
Deepwater Horizon oil rig, many Northwestern alumni worked in 
various capacities to mitigate the disaster and serve residents along 
the Gulf coast. 

After 85 days and up to 184 million gallons, BP finally gained control 
over the spill by capping the runaway geyser that had been gushing 
crude into the Gulf of Mexico since early spring. 

Three alumni provided glimpses into their experiences with the spill. 

As commander of the 928th Sapper Company, 
769th. and chief of the mitigation section of the 
Go\ernor"s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency 
Preparedness, Capt. Jeffrey L. Giering (1997) was a 
project manager for the construction of protective wall 
barriers placed along the Gulf coast in Cameron and 
Lafourche parishes. 

The Louisiana National Guard's 225"' Engineer 
Brigade installed the 8-1/2 mile long wall barriers in an 
effort to keep oil-tainted water from reaching inland. The 
efforts of (iiering and his fellow soldiers were featured 
in several news outlets based on reports from a National 
Guard public information officer as engineer battalions 
from Ruston. Monroe and Baton Rouge worked together 
to assemble and fill the Hesco Concertainer units. 

In Cameron Parish, more than 150 soldiers worked 
on the month-long project, intended to protect more 
than 4. 000 acres of marsh, liven though many of the 
same guardsmen helped build a similar llesco barrier 
the previous month in Port Fourchon, the approach to 
building this barrier had to be altered to deal w ith the 
different terrain. 

"in Port Fourchon, we were basically isolated on the 
beach and it was easier to maiieu\cr through the sand" 
said CJiering. "In Cameron, we were working in soft. 

Jeff Giering was among 
the soldiers of the 
Louisiana National 
Guard's 225th Engineer 
Brigade to construct 
a wall of sand-filled 
Hesco Concertainer 
units in Cameron, to 
help keep oil-tainted 
water in the Gulf of 
Mexico from moving 
inland over the summer. 

grassy areas only 30 feet from Highway 82, one of the 
parish's main highways, where traffic was a constant 
factor. We had to use tracked \ chicles instead of the 
wheeled ones we used in Port Fourchon because they had 
a tendency to get stuck." 

Hesco units are multi-cellular wall systems made 
of coated steel wire mesh and linked with \ertical coil 
joints. Once erected, the units were filled with sand to 
form a barrier against possible oil encroachment. The 
baskets keep oil from moving to the shore and ser\e as a 
surge protector when water reaches high tide. 

"1 have soldiers from all walks of life, students, 
neighbors, cousins, new and old soldiers," Giering 
said. "It was hard work, difficult work conditions and 
extremely hot. One thing I ha\e learned is soldiers are 
hard workers that care about the jobs they are tasked with 
executing. We spent long days in the hot sun to build 
this protecti\e measure for the Louisiana coast. We take 
great pride in the work we do. We truly belie\e we make 
a difference." 

After graduating from NSU in 1997, Giering joined 
the Louisiana Army National Cjuard "after deciding 
w ith my family that I could not ask others to protect my 
family, if 1 was not w illing to do it myself." 

L'poii entering the Guard, he went to basic training at 
Fort .lackson, S.C.. and from there to Fort Leonard Wood, 

"When I returned to Louisiana in 2004, 1 immediately 
went lo OlTicer Candidate School. I ha\e served in 
several units in Louisiana. I ha\e been a platoon leader 
in Marksville, an Executive OtTicer in Baker, an Assistant 
Operations OtlRcer in Baton Rouge. As an Assistant 
Operations OtTicer 1 depKned to Iraq in 2007-2008. 
I ^pon m\ return to Louisiana I began my career as a 
Compan\ Commander of the 928"', where 1 still ser\e 
uuiaN. It has been a pleasure to ser\e the citi/ens of this 
countr\ and my state. I am \ery proud of my Soldiers 
and the thinus we do in the service of our countrv. 

4 / Alumni Columns Fall 2010 

Visit our website at: 

Alumni News 

Ray Hernandez (1994) is 1*' Mate on a lift boat, 
a vessel with "legs" as long as 200 feet on each 
corner that allow it to elevate or lift out of the water, 
which provides a stable platform to work and/or conduct 

"I work on the Sailfish, which was contracted by 
BP shortly after the spill. BP contracted our vessel to 
serve as the command vessel for Task Force 4, Perdido 
Pass, Fla. Furthermore, we serve as an offshore office 
and storage platform for the Coast Guard and BP 
officials. The advantage for them is they can be on sight 

in a comfortable, office-like 
environment to coordinate 
the recon and recovery 
vessels in this area." 

Hernandez, who recently 
obtained his captain's 
license, began working as a 
first mate a couple of years 
ago following a downturn in 

Hernandez snapped this 
picture of a network news 
team reporting on the spill. 

industrial sales. 

Over the 
summer, the Sailfish 
often had several 
Coast Guard 
and one or two BP 
company men on 

"We coordinated 
reconnaissance and 
cleanup with Coast 
Guard helicopters, 
U.S. Coast Guard vessels and private vessels. We also 
made sure they had the necessary supplies to do that 
in addition to providing basics such as water, food and 
first aid if necessary while they performed those tasks," 
Hernandez said. "Earlier in June, we got involved 
ourselves. We also have large cranes on board and they 
requested our assistance in recovering a one-ton tar ball." 

Pictured above is a decontamination 
vessel, which circled ships to remove oil 
before returning to the bay and dock. 

Perhaps the most 
recognizable NSU 
alumnus associated with 
the oil spill is Darryl Willis 
(1991), BP s vice president for 
Geoscience and Engineering 
in North America, who 
appeared in television, print 
and radio advertisements. 

Willis volunteered to join the original team organized 
to help victims of the oil disaster and, because of his 
experiences dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane 
Katrina, quickly saw the need to standardize a process 
by which people could file claims for compensation. For 
three months during the summer, his workdays stretched 
from 12-20 hours as he met with residents, officials and 
businesspeople along the coast, organizing the claims 
process. His priorities were "being sensitive to people, 
get a claims process up and running as quickly as 
possible and getting emergency payments out. We also 
needed to have people on the ground who were from the 
region and would be compassionate." 

Willis is a resident of Houston, but was raised in New 
Orleans and experienced the frustration that results in 
dealing with red tape following the loss of his mother's 
home to Katrina. 

"The spill is not comparable to the aftermath of 
Katrina. That was a different type of disaster. The 
complexity is different because the spill impacted 
Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. The 

response goes out to the entire Gulf Coast. The thing 
they have in common is the people who were affected, 
those who were devastated. Our challenge is to meet the 
needs of the people the in communities. From things I 
learned from Katrina, I experienced how discouraging the 
process could be. The last thing you need is a hassle." 

In helping make the claims process more efficient, 
Willis "encountered the whole spectrum of emotions, 
from anger to fear to those who were totally disillusioned. 

"What kept me going every day were the people I 
visited with. I was inspired by the people I met every day 
during community meetings, at outreach centers and in 
people's homes." 

In May, a company executive asked Willis if he 
would say a few words about the claims process. At the 
time, he didn't realize that he would become a spokesman 
for the company, delivering a message to Gulf Coast 
residents through advertising and numerous network 

By the end of July, the claims process was being 
transitioned to an independent commission and Willis 
returned to his former position in Houston, happy to 
rejoin his family and the "new normal" running the 
technical operations for business in the lower 48 States. 
He foresaw a long period of transition over the next year 
and a half. 

"I've had crisis management training, but there 
is no better training than a real crisis. This was an 
unprecedented event and an unprecedented response," 
he said. "For me it's been a privilege to be a part of the 
response. I hope I played a small role in helping people 
along the Gulf coast." 

. i^ww. 

Alumni Columns Fall 2010 / 5 

Alumni News 

Army Ground Forces Band commander's baton passes to NSU alum 

Capt. Treg Ancelet conducted The 
Army Ground Forces Band during 
a recent concert. The talented and 
convivial Ancelet, a Northwestern 
State alumnus, now leads one of 
America's major Army bands. (U.S. 
Army photo by Spec. Brian Bohannon. 
The Army Ground Forces Band) 

Capt. Treg Ancelet ( 1 993) assumed the duties as commander of The Army 
(jround Forces Band during a change of command ceremony at Fort McPher- 
son, Ga., July 8. 

The Army Ground Forces Band is one of only three Army bands with a na- 
tional touring mission and is part of the Army's largest command. Ancelet had 
been serving as the staff bands officer at Army Forces Command Headquarters. 

-Ancelet is a former drum major of the Spirit of Northwestern Demon 
Marching Band. 

■'1 am honored to be given the opportunity to lead one of the best bands in 
the Army," Ancelet said. "1 intend to carry on the tradition set by my prede- 
cessor in deeply caring for America, the Army and our mission of instilling 
patriotic pride in our country as we perform for soldiers, their families and our 

Ancelet holds a Bachelor of Arts in music education from Northwestern 
and a Master's Degree in Music from George Mason Uni\ersity (2000). where 
he studied with Professor Anthony Maiello and ser\ed as assistant director of 
the wind ensemble. 

Before assuming his FORSCOM duties, he was the deputy commander of 
the United States Military Academy Band, where he ser\ed as officer in charge 
of the "Hellcats," the Army's oldest established musical unit. 

While serving at West Point, Capt. Ancelet led ceremonies on the famous 
parade field with "The Long Gray Line," musically supported funerals for 
some of the country's most recognized generals and conducted concerts at 
Trophy Point overlooking the Hudson Ri\er. He says he is proudest of leading 

the fight song as the football team charged into the stadium for the .Army-Navy 
football game. 

His other assignments included serving as executive officer and associate conductor of The U.S. Army Training 
and Doctrine Command Band and as executive officer of the Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Company, U.S. 
Army School of Music. 

As just one of only three Army bands with a national touring mission. The Army Ground Forces Band traxels the 
nation, performing at local, regional and national events. The band also conducts master classes and clinics for music 
students at high schools and colleges around the country. 

The 64 Soldiers assigned to the AGFB have passed highly selective auditions and are among the finest musicians 
in the United States Army Band Program. The majority of the band's members have studied music at some of the fin- 
est universities and conservatories. 

Twenty-two brothers of Gamma Psi Chapter of 
Kappa Alpha from the 1960s gathered in Alexandria 
at the Oak Wing Golf Club in July for a day of golf, 
memories, story-telling and lies. Some of the men 
had not seen each other in over 40 years. The day 
was so full of fun and laughter it was decided this was to be an annual gathering. A number of the KAs 
from that era are now deceased and they were remembered in exaggerated and fondly told stories. 
Attending were, seated from left, Martial Broussard, Steve Shine, Malcolm Morris, Jim Pierson, Sam 
Cooksey, Doug Patrick and Denman Shaffer. Standing are Jimbo Stevens, Mike Poole, Louis Ledet, Dick 
Brook, Ricky Harris, Lynn Juban, Spud Wilson, Mike Tingle, Wayne Branton, John Garcia, Don Ater, 
Richard McElhattcn and Bob Maloney. Not shown are Dick Ducote and Joe McKee. 

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Alumni News 


The Boys & Girls Club 
of Jackson-Madison County, 
Tennessee, welcomed their new 
and returning executive director 
Sabrina Anderson. Anderson 
was previously the non-profit's 
executive director in 2003 - 2005, 
before she accepted a position at 
the Boys & Girls Club of Greater 
Memphis. Anderson is a native of 
Louisiana and a two-time graduate 
of Northwestern with a bachelors 
degree in psychology and a masters 
in education. She has been working 
in the Boys & Girls Club movement 
for 10 years. She looks forward to 
serving the youth of Madison and 
Haywood counties. 

Converse Middle School Teacher 
of the Year for the second year in 
a row. She teaches seventh and 
eighth grade English/language. She 
worked as a juvenile officer for 16 
years before entering the teaching 
profession. She is currently 
working towards a master's degree 
in education, curriculum and 

All three of the educators 
named by the Vernon Parish School 
Board as Teachers of the Year for 
2010 were Northwestern graduates. 
They were Linda Hudgens 
(1977), West Leesville Elementary; 
Lacey Blocker (2004), Pickering 
Elementary and Brenda Carroll 
(1976), Pitkin High School. 

Carol Sue Walker (2004) 

of Pleasant Hill was named 

Marc Pettaway, long-time 
founding director of the ACTS 
Theatre in Lake Charles, retired 
this year, after serving as executive 
director since the theatre's 
inception. Pettaway has directed 
and staged theatrical productions 
every year for the past 50 years. 

A graduate of LSU with a BS in 
education, he acquired a Master of 
Arts in theatre from Northwestern 
State University and a Master of 
Fine Arts in theatre direction from 
the University of New Orleans. 
He taught at Tokyo University 
(English) and Northwestern State 
University (acting, directing.) 

During his years directing, 
Pettaway has written the books, 
music and lyrics to more than 
twenty musicals that have been 

staged by the Civic Student Theatre 
division of ACTS, as well as other 
theatres. While serving the U.S. 
Army, he was stationed in Japan. 
This assignment ultimately led 
to his working at the Kabuki-za 
National Theatre of Japan and 
appearing on stage with the Tokyo 
Western Theatre. 

A national championship for 
triple jumper Kenta Bell (2000) 
gave Northwestern 's track and field 
history a big boost in the 2010 USA 
Track and Field Outdoor Champi- 
onships that wrapped up in June. 

Bell, a member of Team USA 
in the 2005 and 2008 Olympic 
Games, won his specialty with a 
55-10% leap. The 3 3 -year-old 
Kilgore, Texas, native won by 
nearly a foot over second place 
Christian Taylor (55-0) of Florida. 

Current Lady Demon All- 
American Trecey Rew, competing 
in her first USA Championships 
event, was 12th in the discus with 
a 162-0 best mark. Matching her 
school record 1 79-0 this year would 
have moved her up to seventh place. 

Harry Briggs, the Paddlin' Professor, 
raised over $1,300 for Northwestern 
State University's nursing and radiologic 
science programs at the NSU Cenla 
Center in Alexandria. Briggs celebrated 
his 89"" birthday with a two-mile swim in 
Kincaid Lake, ending with a celebration/ 
fund raiser party at Tunk's Cypress Inn. 
From left are Briggs, second from left, 
with event organizers Tommy Tilley, a 
computer specialist at NSU's Leesville 
campus; Tunk's owner Jimbo Thiels and 
Marsha Zulick, executive director of 
Cenla Programs. 

Alumni Columns Fall 2010 / 7 

Alumni News 

Bridges scholarship established 

The I'amily of a Northwestern State University 
alumnus has established a scholarship to honor their 
loved one and acknowledge his lo\e and respect for 
NSU. The Jim Bridges Memorial Scholarship will be 
awarded to a sophomore through senior student from 
Natchitoches Parish. The student must maintain a 2.5 . 
grade point average and pro\ ide a character reference. 
The scholarship was established by Bridges' wife Judith 
and their children Benjamin, Alexis and Audrey. 

"Even though we lived out of the country much of 
the past 20 years, our annual trip to Natchitoches would 
include at least one tour of the campus as well as new 
NSU gear from the bookstore," Judith Bridges said. 
"Jim was extremely proud to have been a graduate from 
NSU and a citizen from Natchitoches. He felt fortunate 
that he was allowed the opportunity to attend NSU, and 
he stayed personally in touch with many people linked 
to the school - as well as monitoring every sporting 
event via satellite, and on the Demon Field as time and 
circumstance allowed." 

Bridges was vice president and chief operations 
officer of EDS (now HP Enterprise Services) for the 
Asia-Pacific region, where he was responsible for EDS 
activities in China, Japan, southeast Asia, Australia, New 
Zealand and India. He was also CEO and chairman of 
DIS-EDS Limited, an EDS joint venture with Daewoo 
Informational Systems in South Korea, and a member 
of the board of directors for EDS Thailand. EDS was a 
leader in providing business and technology solutions 
to help its clients worldwide improve their business 
performance in the areas of information-technology, 
applications, business process services and information 
technology transformation services. 

Bridges graduated from NSU in 19X5. A native of 
Natchitoches, he joined EDS after graduation and worked 
for the company in many capacities around the world. In 
2007, he was inducted into the NSU College of Business 
Hall of Distinction. He was also a veteran of the U.S. Air 

Bridges passed away in November 2009 after a battle 
w ith cancer. 

The family of NSU alumnus Jim Bridges have 
established a scholarship in his memory. From left 
are Ben Bridges, Judy Bndges and Jill Bankston, 
assistant director of Development at NSU. 

"Jim was a good man, a dedicated father and 
husband, a faithful servant to God. and a highly 
successful international businessman who remained 
humble and inspired others through his examples of 
compassion, integrity, and Christian values - as well 
as a sense of humor that endeared him to all." Mrs. 
Bridges said. "As his family, we would anticipate that 
the scholarship recipient would primarilv share the same 
pride and love of NSU. Natchitoches Parish, and in 
particular, demonstrate the desire to represent both as an 
ambassador out in the world, contributing to society in 
the spirit of respect for all humanity." 

Mrs. Bridges said the ideal recipient of the 
scholarship would be goal-oriented and self-motivated, 
an individual with a high degree of integrity and one who 
seeks to promote ethical values w ithin an\' work or study 
env ironmcni. 

"We feel deep gratitude lor the manv friends and 
co-workers of Jim. through then" deep respect for him and 
financial contributions, that have made this dream of the 
Jim Bridges Memorial Scholarship a reality." she said. 

For more information or to contribute to the Jim 
Bridges Memorial Scholarship, contact the NSU OtTice 
of Alumni and Development at (318) 357-4414. 

Four members of the Class of 1 960 were reunited 
during the 5()-year graduate celebration in May. From 
left are Karl Moore, Dr. Doyle Williams. Ellis Coutee 
and Dr. William "liill" Muse. .All are members otTthe 
Long Purple Line and the College of Business Hall of 

For more pictures from the reunion, go to 

and click on Group Photos. 

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Alumni News 

Alum overcomes severe 
case of West Nile 

Sean Lemoine (1994) has spent the last year battling 
to recover from an unusually severe case of West Nile 
Virus, emerging to become a public health advocate on 
prevention of the disease. Lemoine was infected through 
mosquito bites in August 2009 while working around 
his east Dallas home. What followed was an alarming 
decline in his health over several months in which he 
suffered through encephalitis, respiratory failure and 
paralysis. By October 2009, he was given only a 1 5 
percent chance of survival. 

There is no indication why Lemoine, a young man in 
good general health, suffered such a severe case. 

Earlier this year, Lemoine was still on the road to 
recovery, guided by several hours per day of physical, 
occupational and speech therapy. He had begun writing 
a book about his recovery experience, which he expected 
to finish by the end of the summer. In his interview with 
the Dallas Morning News, Lemoine, an attorney, said he 
hopes to try a jury trial by 20 1 1 . 

West Nile can be carried by more than 65 mosquito 
species. The virus causes no symptoms in about 80 
percent of the people who are infected and about 20 
percent suffer the mild symptoms of headache and fever. 
About one in 150 people will develop more severe 
symptoms. Lemoine joined officials from Dallas County 
last summer as they unveiled their West Nile prevention 
plan and was the subject of a feature article in the Dallas 
Morning News. 

Lemoine, a Pineville native, earned his 
undergraduate degree in sociology at NSU and was 
a member of Kappa Alpha. He applauded his wife 
Elizabeth for her support and said he was touched by the 
people who had reached out to him during the ordeal. 

Annual Fund 

Don't be surprised if you get a call from 
Northwestern in mid-November. NSU students 
will be placing calls to our alumni for our Annual 
Fund Phone-A-Thon. The annual fund supports 
many programs like alumni scholarships, 
distinguished faculty awards given by the 
colleges, Homecoming activities, reunions, 
chapter development and the Long Purple 
Line. If you'd like to donate to the Annual 
Fund but haven't done so yet, go to www. to make 
your tax-deductible donation. Thank you for your 
generous support of the Alumni Association. 

Virginia Lee Eversull Jarrett of Alexandria was 
honored in July with a 100'^ birthday celebration. 
Born in 1910, she completed her bachelor's 
degree at NSU in 1947 and earned a master's in 
the 1950s. Dunng a celebration attended by family 
and friends, she was presented with gifts and 
congratulations on behalf the university, 

The Alumni Association's barbecue pit got a facelift 
thanks to Ronnie and Karen Poche of Ronnie's 
Auto Glass and Collision Center. The Poches 
donated the time and materials to spruce up the pit 
for alumni tailgates. 

Clay Jackson 
(1993) of 
Automotive in 
donated a 
2009 Chevrolet 
sedan to the 
State University Foundation, which will help defray 
university travel and car rental expenses. He is 
shown presenting the keys to Tony Hernandez 
(1982), assistant director of Institutional 




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Campus News 

NSU restructures programs to combat severe budget cuts 

Deep budget cuts and impending financial shortfalls 
led to drastic changes at Northwestern this year, including 
the elimination of programs, staff lay-offs and an extensive 
academic reorganization. 

As of July 1 . NSU eliminated eight bachelor s degree 
programs, one master's degree offering. 1 2 academic 
minors and five concentrations in baccalaureate degree 

NSU President Dr. Randall J. Webb said the 
academic realignment "'still leaves students a vast array of 
otVerings through redesigned academic areas and strong 
interdisciplinary programs to pursue career opportunities 
directly related to fields in which majors or degrees are 
proposed for elimination." 

Eliminated degree programs are the masters degree 
in heritage resources and bachelor s degrees in physics, 
physics education, chemistry, chemistry education, 
heritage resources, journalism, sociology and political 
science. Minors in aviation science, geology, physics. 
chemistry, journalism, sociology, German, French, historic 
preservation, philosophy, political science and food and 
nutrition ha\e been cut. Concentrations in a\ ialion science, 
recreation administration, fashion merchandising and 
housing and interiors, economics and German have also 
been eliminated. 

The College of Business is now the School of Business 
under the reorganized College of Science, Technology 
and Business. The University College. College of Liberal 
Arts, (iraduate School and Louisiana Scholars" College 
have merged to form the College of Arts, Letters. Graduate 
Studies and Research. The College of Nursing has 
expanded to become the College of Nursing and Allied 
Health, and the College of Education is now the College of 
Education and Human Development. 

A number of academic departments have consolidated 
and shifted to new colleges. Newly created or consolidated 
departments include Language and Communication; 
Engineering Technology and Computer Information 
Systems; Mathematics and Physical Sciences and Criminal 
Justice, History and Social Sciences. The Bachelor's of 
Arts in Journalism has been replaced by a new track in the 
bachelor's degree in communication in the Department 
of Language and Communication. The super\ision of 
remaining journalism courses ha\e transferred to that 

The bachelor's m computer information systems and 
its related minor and concentrations, along with the faculty, 
have moved to the Department of Engineering Technology 
and Computer Information Systems. The Department 
of Chemistry and Physics has been eliminated. Those 
faculty and courses have transferreil io the Department 
of Mathematics and Physical Sciences. With the loss of 
bachelor programs in sociology, heritage resources and 
political sciences, remaining faculty and courses will be 
supervised in the new Department of Criminal Justice, 
llisiorv and Social Sciences. 

The program eliminations and changes will go into 
effect in .'\ugust 201 1 after a one-year, three-month "teach- 
out" period. Webb said students enrolled in programs 
affected will be assisted in completing their degrees in the 
"teach-out" period selecting a related major or transferring 
to another university. 

"We will closely monitor the students in these 
programs to ensure a smooth transition or completion of 
degree," he said. 

The proposal for reorganization came after a 
comprehensive review of academic programs by the 
university's Program Review Committee, comprised of 
representatives from each academic college and the NSU 
Faculty Senate. 

Webb said proposals to eliminate or consolidate 
programs were based on "costs, efficiency, completion 
rates, semester credit hour production, ties to the Uni\ ersity 
Core Curriculum, enrollment and other pertinent factors." 
He added that annual reviews of remaining academic 
programs "will be conducted to evaluate retention, student 
success, recruitment and the o\erall effecti\eness of the 

Academic reorganization was necessary, Webb said 
because of S9.7 million in state budget cuts o\er the past 
two years and projections of additional reductions in 
state funding of up to SIO million during the next year. 
State allocations to the uni\ ersity ha\e been cut by 19.5 
percent since July 2008. Northwestern has eliminated 160 
positions through layoffs and abolishing \acant positions 
since the 2007-08 fiscal year, reducing the size of the 
faculty and staff fi'om more than 960 positions to just over 

The academic realignment plan will result in the 
elimination of an additional 21 positions by the end of 
the new fiscal year that began July 1. The positions of 
three academic deans, four department heads or directors 
and three program coordinators will be abolished. Webb 
said program elimination and other aspects of academic 
reorganization will result in cost sa\ ings of approximately 
$2.5 million. The 160 positions that were previously 
abolished reduced personnel costs by some S5 million. 

In addition to reducing the number of faculty and 
staff positions, the uni\ersit\ has curtailed funding for 
adjunct instruction, athletics, student employment, graduate 
assistantships and departmental budgets for traxel. supplies 
and operating ser\ ices. 

Webb expressed "deep concern and compassion 
for the faculty and statT members whose li\es are being 
negati\ely atTected by these unprecedented budget cuts 
and for students who could feel the impact of academic 
reorganization and other funding reductions. Every effort is 
being made ti'* maintain essential programs and ser\ ices for 
students, to assist facult\ and sta IT a fleeted b> budget cuts 
and to ensure the continuing strength and stability of this 
125-year-old uni\ersit\." he said. 

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Alumni Gatherings 

Northwestern State l'niversit>' 


Winnfield Reception-Golf Scramble 

Samantha Collins 

from Winnfield Senior 

High School was 

named the Winnfield 

area recipient of 

the Ted Jones 

Scholarship. Reed 

Thomas from NSU's 

Office of Recruiting 

congratulated her. 


Approximately 100 Northwestern State University alumni, 
guests, future students and their families gathered at 
Winnfield's Pine Ridge Country Club for a prime rib 
dinner and athletic preview on July 26. The event was 
the culminating event of the annual Don Purser Memorial 
Golf Scramble, held earlier in the day, as well as one of 
the Athletic Department's 2010 Demon Victory Tour stops. 
Family members of the late Don Purser are, from left, Rich 
Gunter, Jane Purser, Donny Purser, Richmond Gunter, Mike 
Tinnerello and Matt Purser. 

Bonnette Memorial 

Family members of the 
late Buddy Bonnette were 
on hand during the 10th 
annual Buddy Bonnette golf 
scramble. From left are 
Shawnee Bonnette, Vera 
Bonnette and Paula Nelson. 
On the back row are Randy 
Bonnette, James Barhos, Brian Bonnette, Brian Allen Nelson 
and Buddy Bonnette scholarship recipient Cord Larson. 

Kandahar Alumni Chapter 

% . ^ 


Former members of Demon Battalion ROTC had dinner 
at Police Headquarters in Kandahar City, Afghanistan, on 
July 4. From left are U.S. Army First Lieutenant Danielle 
Champagne Johnson (2008), U.S. Army Major Matt 
Mularoni (1997), U.S. Army Captain Tommy Sieker (2007) 
and U.S. Army Major Larry Bergeron (1997). 

Alumni Gatherings 

Board of Realtors 

NSU students Nicholas Antee and Brooke Hubbard 
are this year's recipients of scholarships presented 
annually by the Natchitoches Board of Realtors. 
From left are Patti Waddle, NBR secretary; NSU's 
assistant Director of Development Jill Bankston, 
Antee, Hubbard, NBR President Susan Begnaud and 
NBR Treasurer Cathy Davis. 

Realtors group presents scholarships 

Nicholas Antee of Cloutierville and Brooke 
Hubbard of Campti have been named as this 
year's recipients of two scholarships annually 
presented by The Natchitoches Board of Realtors 
to Northwestern State University students. The 
scholarships are presented to a male and female 
sophomore level student from the Natchitoches 
area majoring in business or a related field for one 
academic year. The students must maintain a 3.0 
grade point average and show a financial need. 

Antee is pursuing a degree in accounting. 
Hubbard is pursuing a degree in business. Both are 
graduates of Natchitoches Central High School. 

"The Natchitoches Board of Realtors 
supports our local NSU students in advancing 
their education. They are our future," said Susan 
Begnaud, NBR president. 

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Athletic News. 

Demon Victory Fund drive underway 

The 2010-201 1 Demon Victory Fund (DVF) annual fund drive campaign is underway as the Northwestern 
State Athletic Association begins preparations for a crucial year for the university and the department, and Athletic 
Association members are being asked to support its fundraising efforts. 

The DVF is the NSU Athletic Association s unrestricted fund program, which helps under\\rite scholarship and 
book costs. Last year, nearly 200 indi\iduals and businesses pledged SI. 000 or more in support of the DVF. and over 
600 total individuals either made a financial contribution of S60 or more, or joined the Student Athletic Association. 
For the 2010-1 1 campaign, the DVF is asking for members' help to identify more interested members. 

The Demon Victory Fund Team Drive will feature teams of four \olunteers who will make inquiries among 
their friends, family, colleagues, and alumni networks and attempt to sign up indi\ iduals and businesses for DVF 

lndi\ iduals interested in participating should contact Broussard and let him know who their team members will 
be. The rules for participation and information on the prizes for winning teams can be obtained by contacting the 
NSU Athletic Association at 3 1 8 357-4295. or at broussardwfa via e-mail. 

McGee gift will go towards 
Fieldhouse renovations 

Buffalo Bills Pro Bowl standout Terrence McGee, an 
All-American during his four seasons playing football for 
Northwestern State, has made a S25.000 gift to support 
NSU s Athletic Fieldhouse renovation project. 

NSU athletics director Greg Burke announced 
the gift, which is enabling upgrades to the Athletic 
Fieldhouse built in 1979. McGee s gift specifically helps 
replace office and player meeting room furniture that has 
been in place since the facility was built 3 1 years ago. 
The total to complete the second floor s furniture phase 
of this initiative was SI 30.000. completely raised through 
private gifts to the NSU Athletic Association. 

"Northwestern State was a great experience for me 
on and off the field," said McGee, about to begin his 
eighth season in the NFL, all with Bufialo. "Fm e.xcited 
to help out on the Fieldhouse project and look forward to 
working on more projects in the coming years." 

Named to the Top 100 Players in Demon Football 
History roster in the program's 2007 Centennial 
Celebration. McGee. a native of Athens. Texas, played for 
the Demons from 1999-2002. McGee 's contribution is 
the largest single gift by a former Demon football player 
active in the professional ranks. McCiee's gift w ill be 
identified with his name on the office for the defensive 
backs coach's office, occupied by safeties coach and 
defensive coordinator Brad Laird, and on the defensive 
backs meeting room. 

Naming opportunities for rooms throughout the 
1 ieldhouse are available for interested donors, said 
F3urke. McGee and other donors participating in naming 
opportunities arc recognized on the Athletic Association 
section of the website. 

NSU director of athletics Greg Burke, scholarship 
donor Jill Cantrell Morrison, associate AD Dr. 
William Broussard and Jill Bankston of the 
NSU Alumni Association posed during the 2010 
NSU Alumni Association Crawfish Boil held at 
Morrison's home in Dallas. 

Donation supports athletics 

One of Jill Cantrell Morrison's first jobs 
was as a student worker in the Northwestern 
State athletic department. Recentlv she made 
a commitment that ensures the opportunity for 
future NSU students. 

Morrison ( 1993). a Marthaviile native, 
recently committed to establishing the "Jill 
Cantrell Morrison Scholarship" through the 
NSU Endowed Athletic Scholarship program. 
The SI 0.000 endowed scholarship will 
prov ide funding to support the NSU Athletic 
Administration ofTice. 

This is not the first time Morrison, who now 
resides in Dallas w ith her husband Dave, has 
shown support for her alma mater. Lach year for 
the past four years, Jill has hosted the Dallas- 
Fort Worth area alumni event at her home. 

"Northwestern is such a special place for 
education and communitv. I am hotii thrilled 
and honored to have this opportunity to partner 
with the Demon Athletic Department." noted 

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Athletic News- 

Burke earns AD of the Year honors 

Greg Burke, athletics director 
at Northwestern State since 1996, 
was among 29 winners of the Under 
Amour AD of the Year Award 
announced Monday by the National 
Association of Collegiate Directors 
of Athletics (NACDA). 

He was also among four winners 
involved in a Street and Smith's 
SportsBusiness Journal panel 
discussion on current Division I 
athletics issues released earlier this 
year by the publication. Burke was 
also recently installed as president 
of the Football Championship 
Subdivision Athletics Directors 

Burke's 14 years as athletic 
director include 32 Southland 
Conference regular-season or 

tournament championships, 5 1 
Ail-American and Academic Ail- 
American student athletes, and three 
U.S. Olympic competitors. Under 
his guidance. Northwestern State 
has led all 13 public institutions 
in Louisiana, and all 12 Southland 
Conference institutions, in the 
NCAA's Academic Progress Rate 
and Graduation Success Rate reports. 
The school's athletic facilities have 
undergone nearly S6 million in 
improvements in the past four years. 

The Under Armour AD of the 
Year Award program was created 
to honor intercollegiate directors of 
athletics for their commitment and 
administrative excellence within a 
campus and/or college community 
environment. The award spans 

seven divisions (NCAA FBS, PCS, 
Division I non-football. Division 
II, III, NAIA/Other Four- Year 
Institutions and Junior/Community 
Colleges) and annually honors 29 
athletics directors (four from each 
division) as regional winners, and 
one international recipient. 

Criteria include commitment 
to higher education and student- 
athletes, demonstrated continuous 
teamwork, loyalty and excellence, 
and the ability to inspire individuals 
or groups to high levels of 
accomplishment. Other standards 
include leadership and/or significant 
outreach for the betterment of youth 
and/or the local community, and 
service on NACDA and NCAA 


Stewart scholarship established to honor family legacy 

The Stewart Brothers' Endowed Basketball 
Scholarship has been established at NSU, continuing 
a proud tradition and rich legacy established by three 
outstanding Doyline natives whose character, scholarship 
and competitive careers brought great credit to the 
Demons beginning in the 1950s and continuing today, 
said athletics director Greg Burke. 

The scholarship has been established in memory of 
Bill Stewart by his children, Mark and Tara Stewart and 
by Jimmy Stewart on behalf of himself and his brother. 
Tommy Stewart. Other donors who contributed to the 
scholarship include friends and former teammates of the 
Stewart brothers at Northwestern. 

It also is an expression of gratitude to 12th-year 
Demons basketball coach Mike McConathy, who has 
reached throughout the nearly century-old history of that 
program to unite former players and pay tribute to their 

The scholarship, according to Jimmy Stewart, "is 
established in appreciation to Coach McConathy who 
makes an effort to remember all Demons in a special 

The idea for establishing the scholarship was first 
broached in memory of Bill Stewart, whose contributions 
and life were memorialized at the Demon Basketball 
Alumni Reunion in 2008. In 1999, his first year as head 
coach of the program where his father, uncles and sons 

are letterwinners, McConathy began hosting the annual 
reunions during a Saturday in preseason practice. 

Northwestern State University's Endowed Athletic 
Scholarship Program includes the donations of generous 
benefactors totaling $10,000 or more ($100,000 for 
fully endowed scholarships) which assist the department 
in underwriting the cost of scholarships for all NSU 
student-athletes. For more information, please contact 
Dr. William Broussard, Executive Director of the Athletic 
Association, at 318 357-4295, or broussardw(a^nsula. 
edu via e-mail. 


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Alumni Updates 

WHy I Love [NSV 

Actually, my freshman year (1969-1970) it was still NSC, I 
believe. It changed to NSU while I was there. I did not choose NSC 
(NSU). I was supposed to have gone to Ohio State, but my dad got 
transferred from Columbus to Shreveport my senior year of high 
school, I went on a hunger stnke trying to persuade my parents to 
send me "back home," but they insisted I stay in Louisiana, so they 
packed me up one Sunday and moved me into Varnado Hall, domain 
of the intrepid Mrs. Kirkland! 

Dunng the first week of onentation, I had to go to a welcome 
session for freshman at Prather Coliseum. A cute guy came and sat 
down next to me In his welcome address. President Kilpatnck said. 
"Many marnages begin on our campus. Look at the person sitting next 
to you. You might be seeing him or her at the altar some day in the 
near future!" The cute guy and I exchanged phone numbers. Now we 
have been marned 38 years! 

I was one of a handful of French majors on campus. I have fond 
memories of Monsieur Demeule and Monsieur Wertelaers, the only 
two French instructors at the time, I became best fnends with one 
of the other French majors, Karen Landrum. We still see each other 

Some other fond memories: Tech weekend parties at the old 

Washington-Youree: panty raids: KA parties at the Fountain Blue 
restaurant: Shell Beach: parking by the lake and feanng campus 
security: polyester pantsuits: Mr. Lucky's stuffed potatoes in the 
student union; campus concerts - John Denver. Stevie Wonder, and 
Oliver just to name a few!: room checks: the Funky Chicken: bell 
bottoms: Mrs. Dunham's frequent all-calls in Louisiana Hall: Duty's 
Pizza: wigs (we all wore them!): Old South lawn parties at Beau Fort: 
soronty rush parties (I pledged Phi Mu but didn't go active): Christmas 
Lights: the old library (long gone!): my nudist pot-luck roommate: 
electric typewnters and CorrectTape: Bobby Hariing before he was 
famous: College Manor apartment complex when it was predominantly 
inhabited by the KAs. 

I was only on campus for three years because I went to summer 
school every year. I never felt like I learned a lot about education 
until I did my student teaching. But my degree from NSU has taken 
me from a job at a small pnvate academy to a job in a medium-sized 
public school to my current job as an assistant pnncipal in charge of 
academics at Loyola College Prep. My husband and I still love to dnve 
across campus and reminisce whenever we're in Natchitoches. Maybe 
one of our four grandchildren will end up at NSU! 

- Karen Jayne Dill (1972) 

Billy Wiggins (1971 ) is seek- 
ing help in finding a elass ring. 
The ring was lost in Houston but 
he hopes that, if found someone 
may return the ring to the univer- 
sity or to someone affiliated with 

"It had the wheat erest with 
a quarter diamond in the middle. 
the old columns on one side and 
the old building by the old foun- 
tain on the other, BS of Business 
1971. initials WJW on inside of 
it," he said. "My wife gave it to 
me as a graduation gift and took 
her forever in those days to sa\e 
up the money. It is a very special 
ring to me." 

Wiggins said the ring was 
purchased at the ring store next 
to campus next to Holy Cross 
Catholic Cluircli. 

If anyone finds the ring, 
please can contact (he .Alumni 

Calling all Alumni! 

The Northw/estern State Alumni Association is forming formal alumni chapters 
across the United States. The Alumni Association feels that chapters will play an 
important role in accomplishing objectives that are vital to the future of NSU and the 
Association, Alumni chapters will provide a forum in which former students can assist 
each other and become informed spokespersons on behalf of Northwestern State, 
Chapter members will also be able to cultivate relationships with prospective students 
within the area in order to transmit current information about academic programs. 
scholarship opportunities and advantages available at NSU, 

We currently have formal Alumni Chapters in the following areas: 



Baton Rouge 


Greater New Orleans 



Las Vegas 



San Antonio 



Pacific Northwest 


Jessica Breaux 
Anita Helton 
Debbie Harding 
Mandy Owens 
Leonard Williams 
Brett Harns 
Amy Comeaux 
Shelley Franklin 
Fred & Chris Newman 
Margaret Cooper 
Doris Westbrook 
Brian and Crista Hobbs 
Paul Darlington 
Tom Putnam 
Rosemary Fiorentino 






bretti harris(§ 


cnewman 1 00( 

kjungri ( 






If you are interested in joining one of the chapters above, please contact the individual 
listed next to the alumni chapter. The Alumni Association is always looking for places to 
start new chapters, so if you would like to create and alumni chapter in your area contact 
Lyndsey Miller at or (318) 357-4415. 

14 / Alumni Columns t'jil JO 10 

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Alumni Updates . 




Justine Brunson 
is a retired tiome 
economics teacher and 
lives in Geismar. 


Ann Louise Fitzpatrick 
Graham is a retired 
nursing supervisor and 
lives in Bossier City. 


Louise Lane West is 
a retired vocational 
rehabilitation counselor 
and lives in Lafayette. 


Margaret Ann Nash 
Savell is a retired 
teacher and lives in 
Hampton, Va. 


Ranita L. Blake 
Peterson is a retired 
teacher and lives in 


Joyce D. Barrett Carter 
is a retired counselor, 
married and lives in 
Elgin, Texas. 


G. Lamar Bates is 
retired, married to 
Diane Nickerson 
Bates ('67) and lives in 
Dawsonville, Ga. 


Ruth-Anne Eileen 
Hoffstadt Mammons 
is a retired teacher, 
married and lives in 

Judith L. McLain 
Vercher is a 
marriage and family 
therapist and lives in 
Birmingham, Ala. 


David M. French is 
retired, married and 
lives in Raymond, 

Lynn Ellen Nollkamper 
Hebert is retired, 
marhed and lives in 
Leander, Texas. 


J. Larry Kees is retired, 
married to Rhonda 
Coleman Kees (71) 
and lives in Columbus, 


Ronald Louis Haworth 
is a self-employed 
consultant, marned 
to Elaine Richard 
Haworth (72) and lives 
in Alexandria. 


Elaine Richard 
Haworth is a retired 
elementary school 
pnncipal, married to 
Ronald Louis Haworth 
(71) and lives in 

Lynda Gayle Barton 
Binning Laffitte is 
a retired educator, 
married and lives in 


Debbie Watson Smith 
is a nephrology social 
worker, married and 
lives in San Antonio, 


Sara Mignc^a Cote 
is a card information 
security executive 
for Bank of America, 
married to David 
Rodriguez ('85). 


Veronica Dianne Lewis 
is a paralegal for the 
United States Army 
and lives in Columbus, 

Christopher Ivan Lund 
is employed as an 
assistant city attorney, 
marhed and lives in 
New Orleans. 


Jason B. Parks is the 
director of workforce 
investment board for 
the Rapides Pahsh 
Police Jury, married 
to Kelly E. Carpenter 
Parks ('91). 


Loh Doneen Grant 
is employed as a 
registered nurse at 
Byrd Regional Hospital 
and St. Pathck Hospital 
and lives in Boyce. 


Anna M. Sepulvado 
Fletcher is a 
paraprofessional and 
signer for the hearing 
impaired at Huntington 
High School, marhed 
and lives in Keatchie. 

Teresa Anita Basco is a 
regional coordinator for 
the state of Louisiana 
and lives in Slidell. 

Stephanie Sandwell 
received her M.Ed 
in Curriculum and 
Instruction on May 
8, 2010 from Wayne 
State College in 
Wayne, Nebraska. She 
is currently employed 
by the Sioux City 
school disthct in Sioux 
City, Iowa. 


Lisa Michelle Ortiz- 
Furnish Moffett is 
employed by Synergy 
Home Health as a 
registered nurse, 
married and lives in 

Gretchen Daly Milligan 
is employed by 
Cardiovascular Institute 
of the South as a 
physician recruitment 
and development 
manager, married and 
lives in Lafayette. 


Jeremy Seth LaCombe 
is a self-employed 
attorney, married and 
lives in Baton Rouge. 

Justine C. Reilly (JC) 
is an academic advisor 
for Ivan Allen College 
at Georgia Tech and 
lives in Atlanta, Ga. 


Robert J. McCormack 
is a shift manager 
at Samuel Adams 
Brewery, marned and 
lives in Cincinnati, 


Sarah Kathehne 
Cloutier Willis is an 
office manger/optician 
at Cloutier Eye Care, 
marhed and lives in 


Autumn Grant is an 
assistant professor of 
Latin Amehcan History 
at Roger Williams 
University and lives in 
Oxford, Miss. 


Scott D. Murrell is 
employed with the 
Louisiana Army 
National Guard 
239th Military Police 
Company and the 
Louisiana Commission 
Law Enforcement as a 
criminal justice policy 
planner. He is married 
and lives in Baton 


Bhan Mark Hobbs 
is employed with 
Farmer's Insurance as 




1934 - Shirley Winfree 
Gayle, May 22, 2010, 
Lake Charles 

1937 -Lillie Adams 
Johnson, Oct. 28, 
2008, Mansfield 

1938- Carroll G. 
Killen, Sept. 29, 2009, 
Slingerlands, N.Y. 

1940- Annie Accardo, 
Dec. 21,2009, Rock- 
ledge, Fla. 

1940- Frances 
Virginia Chandler 
McAlpin, July 22, 2010, 

1941 -Harold A. "Bud" 
Marron, July 13, 2020, 

1943 -Elizabeth Ward- 
low Gunn, July 21, 
2010, Montgomery 

1948 -Bobbie Lee 
Myers Harhs, July 22, 
2010. DeRidder 

1949 -Jettie Jane 
James Johnson, June 
19, 2010, Waterproof 

1949, 1957 -Margaret 
Whiteside Ackel, Aug. 
22,2010, Natchitoches 

1949 -John William 
Davis, June 19, 2010, 
Baton Rouge 

1951 -Jesse Hugh 
Johnson, Aphis, 2010, 
Cedar Park, Texas 

an insurance agent, 
marhed to Chsta Miller 
Hobbs ('05) and lives 
in Bixby, Okla. 

Tiffany Dawn 
Stevenson is a fifth 
grade teacher at Faith 
Family Academy and 
lives in Dallas, Texas. 

Continued on next page 

1954-Ann Brock, July 
12, 2010. Bossier City 

1954 Patricia Winkler 
Thompson, Nacogdo- 
ches, Texas, January 

1956, 1961 -Frederick 
J. Martinez, July 15, 
2010, Waycross, Ga. 

1957 -Samuel Joseph 
Callia, July 19, 2010, 

1958-Gloha Emerson 
Bielamowicz, March 
15, 2010, Plainfield. III. 

1961 -Daphne Allen 
Browning, April 27, 
2010, Sarepta 

1975 Donalvin Lee 
Mayo, Fort Supply 
Okla..Aphl8, 2008 

1978 -Carl Wolfgang 
Andrew, Feb. 5, 2010, 
Woodstock, Ga. 

1979- Julie Lawhon 
Evans. July 24. 2010, 

1988 -Michael Sinclair 
Mason, June 13,2010, 

2000 - Xanthia Denise 
Calahan, May 25. 
2010. Jonesboro 

Joan Davis Baldwin, 
July 9, 2010. Madison, 


Alumni Columns Fall 2010 / 1 5 

Campus News 

Looking bacK 

In commmoration of the 
100th anniversary of the 
NSU band program that 
kicks off next year, take a 
look at this performance of 
the pep band during a 1985 
basketball game. 

The band will mark its 
100th anni\ersar) through- 
out 201 1 with a roster of 
acti\ ities planned through- 
out the year, beginning with 
an appearance in the 25th 
annual London New Year's 
Day parade 

Guess Who? 

A ^ \3\J began a new decade and Northwestern State College's 
student leaders were rceogni/ed for their eiTorts in promoting a better 
campus. Can you name the senior class officers from that year'.' The fust 
five alumni to call the Alumni Center at (318) 357-4414 \\ itii the correct 
answers will win a prize. 

Members of the SU(iB executixe commiitee during the 1^)79- 
XO academic year, featured in Ciucss Who of the Summer Ixiition of 
Alumni Columns were Maggie Morion. .Iiilie Parker. I.inda Lege, 
Ron Thomas and .iim (it)odw in. 

Alumni Updates 



Cnsta M. Miller Hobbs is a physician 
assistant at St. Francis Hospital, married to 
Bnan Hobbs (04) and lives in Bixby. Okla. 


Sara Elizabeth Burling Russell is a nuclear 
medicine technologist at Cardiology 
Associates, mamed and lives in Bossier City. 


Latisha McDaniel is employed by 
Natchitoches Area Convention and 
Visitors Bureau as a media public relations 
consultant and lives in Natchitoches 


Knsten Renee Brennan is an administrative 
assistant at Alexandna Business Machines 
and lives in Boyce 

Jennifer Mane Brumley is a supervisor at 
Wal-Mart and lives in Montgomery 

Readers who correctly identified them were: 
Chris Soileau I')SI • Terry McCarly I i)S() • Thomas F^rassell 1^79 
Derek Anderson 19S{) • Ron I homas 1981 


}'or more iliimni I pdates 

pk'UM' visit our nehsile: 

»»•»«•»••. north westeritalnmni. com 

16 / Alunuti Cohuuns Fall 2010 

Visit our website at 


and click on "First Time Log-In" 

or use this printed form. 

Please fill this page out as completely as possible. We are constantly revising our records and your 
information updates are vital to making the system work. The information from this form is also used for 
entries in the "Alumni Updates" section. Please make a copy of this page and give it to any NSU graduate 
who may not be on our list. We can't keep in touch with you if we can't find you! Thank you. 


Name: (Miss, Mrs. Mr.) 

Please Circle Last 




Current address:. 





NSU undergraduate degree(s) 
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_Year of graduation:, 
_Year of graduation: 

During which years did you attend NSU?_ 

Which organizations were you involved in while a student at NSU?_ 

Place of employment . 
Job title: 

_Work phone: 

Spouse's name:_ 

Is your spouse an NSU graduate? Yes 

If yes, what degree(s) did he / she earn? 

Spouse's undergraduate degree (s) 

Spouse's graduate degree (s) 


Year of graduation. 

Year of graduation. 

Do you have children who are potential Northwestern students? 

Please tell us their names, contact information, and what high school they attend. 

Please return to: Alumni Center • Northwestern State University • Natchitoches, LA 71497 

If you would like information from Admissions, Financial Aid or 

the NSU Athletic Association, you can contact them at the following address 

University Recruiting 

South Hall 

Natchitoches, LA 71497 
(318)357-4503 or 800-327-1903 

Financial Aid 

Room 109, Roy Hall 
Natchitoches, LA 71497 

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Room lOICAthletic Fieldhouse 
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■ Univrrsity uf U>ui«iana ■ 

^^^Capital Campaigii^H 

$25 million. 

20 million 

16 million 

1 2.5 million. 

8 million 

6 million 

4 million 

2 million 















'- 4(ft 


50 Year Graduates 

Pictured from left to right, 1st row: Laurie Anthony Drago, Sr., Robert Ray Bozeman, Helen Irene Sorrell, Carolyn Kearney 
LaCour, Sylvia George Murphy, Dorothy McGlothlin Denais, Karl W. Moore, Doyle Williams, Margaret Reynolds Stewart, and 
Virginia Waldron Dillingham. 2nd row: Jerry G. Wise, Margaret Andries Whittington, Bobby Wingard, Mary Ann Magoun 
Arnold, Carolyn Barnette Warren, Glenda McRae Coburn, Venton R. Coburn, Constance Selma LaBarbera, Annie Catherine 
O'Neal Lynch, James T. Frame, Gloria L. Chance Leach, and Patsy Robertson Murphy. 3rd row: Marie Annette Westbrook, 
Bobbie Sue Craft Berlin, Dolores Young Sawyer, Catherine Bryant Allen, Michael C. Moss, Katherine Sue Weir Rainer, Peggy 
Buckley Guess, Barbara Love Roberts, Iris Thompson Nassif Gueringer, and Louies Lane West. 4th row: Kenneth E. Lantz, 
Shirley Ann Angele, Alice Bryan Spillers, Elayne Sutherlin Cornett, Dorothy Meharg Alford, Barbara Futch Scurlock, Carol 
Goldstein Allen Peters, Ted Roberts, Hugh Pearson Belvin, and Roy LJnderwood, Jr. 5th row: Billy Thomas, Joe D. Cornett, 
Roma Anthony Parker, Evelyn Greene Dandridge, Charles A. Poche, Ellis J. Coulee, William V. Muse, Jacqueline Naylor Howard, 
Theodore L. Jones, Amelia Pickett Weldon, Mina Ann Stephenson Kirkham, Lydia Ross Stauffer Hartt, and James B. Slack 


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